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The Lost Explorer Mezcal - Espadin, 70cl

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42% ABV

Lost Explorer Espadin - 8 year Aged Agave Mezcal

SMALL-BATCH ARTISANAL MEZCAL: A handcrafted spirit made from 100% agave, cultivated in the sun-soaked Valles Centrales, Oaxaca in Mexico. Created to inspire people to live curiously and explore the diversity of the sacred agave. Co-founded by David de Rothschild and Thor Björgólfsson, in partnership with Mezcalero Don Fortino Ramos.

TASTING NOTES: A subtly sweet and herbaceous mezcal, well-balanced with hints of sweet apple, ripe fruits and a mild smoky layer to finish. Sip Curiously.

PERFECT FOR SIPPING OR IN COCKTAILS: Enjoy sipping neat from a traditional clay copita or equally enjoyable in a cocktails. Lost Explorer Espadín is an approachable expression for newcomers to mezcal and aficionados alike. 

A UNIQUE GIFT: A perfect gift for those who love mezcal, The Lost Explorer Espadín comes in beautiful hand-labelled bottles made from recycled crystal, sealed with fully biodegradable cork & a kiss of natural beeswax.