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Cut Overproof Rum, 70cl

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At 75.5% ABV Cut Overproof Spiced Rum packs a serious punch and is one of our best selling rums. At £39.99 Cut Overproof provides serious value at 75.5% ABV.

Cut's Overproof Spiced Rum is full of flavour however make sure you dilute this stuff very well - ads a new twist and added strength to a wide range of rum cocktails.

A blend of Trinidadian and Worthy Park Estate Jamaican rum infused with a blend of real natural spices.

Enjoy the vibrant smooth vanilla and coconut, butterscotch, burnt sugar, aromatic cardamom and cinnamon in this well balanced overproof Spiced Rum.

Be aware due to the high ABV sugars in the bottles may crystallise on the bottle.

75.5% ABV