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Sunset Very Strong Rum

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Sunset Very Strong Rum is very strong indeed. Usually white rums are around the 40% ABV mark, but Sunset is more than twice as strong at 84.5% ABV. 

This high ABV rum is made on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and is distilled and bottled by St. Vincent Distillers Limited (SVDL). The distillery was built on the site of a former sugar mill, the Mount Benick Estate. 

Sunset Overproof rum is molasses based and distilled using the column still method, making it surprisingly smooth despite its high alcohol content. In St Vincent Sunset rum is enjoyed with ice cold water with lime. Also a great option for any rum punch! 

An award winning rum, Sunset has won several awards including:

  • 2016 World’s Best Overproof Rum - World Rum Awards, London
  • 2019 Style Winner - World Rum Awards, London
  • 2020 Style Winner - World Rum Awards, London
  • 2020 Best Column Still Rum - World Rum Awards

Available in both 750ml and 200ml sizes, you can buy Sunset Very Strong Rum from our website or in our London store.

Be sure to enjoy responsibly.