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Roberto Cavalli Vodka Gold, 1L

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This limited edition vodka is produced by one of the leaders in global fashion, style and design, Roberto Cavalli.  The vodka is produced from wheat grown in the fertile granda valley in the southwestern alps in Italy. The water used is sourced from the alpine slopes of monte Rosa, far away from any pollution and known for its purity. The water is so pure it doesn't need to be distilled and combines with the vodka to create extraordinary quality. 
The result is a smooth vodka high in purity with a gentle alcohol kick, it starts out sweet and then soft on the finish with a mild spice kick. 
Roberto Cavalli Gold is presented in a stunning gold limited edition bottle with a stunning yet ergonomic design, that shimmers and sparkles close and far. A great vodka gift for parties or celebrations.
    40% ABV - 1 Litre