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Koko Kanu Jamaican Coconut Rum, 70cl - 37.5% ABV

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Full strength Jamaican rum with coconut flavour.

Koko Kanu by Wray & Nephew is a subtle blend of the finest white aged Jamaican rum, infused with the natural essence of coconut. All natural flavours are used in the production of this rum and there are no additives other than the coconut essence.

This premium Jamaican coconut rum is bottled by J . Wray and Nephew who also produce the iconic Wray & Nephew Overproof rum. At 37.5% ABV, Koko Kanu maintains the smoothness of Jamaican white rum with the silky tropical coconut flavour to produce a truly enjoyable experience.

Koko Kanu can be a great choice of rum for use cocktails, including a Pina Colada and also makes a tasty coconut mojito. It also mixes well with Pineapple juice or can even be enjoyed neat over ice to bring out the full-bodied and sweet coconut flavour.

You can buy a bottle of Koko Kanu Jamaican coconut rum here on our website or in our London store