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Hennessy XO Cognac, 70cl

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Best selling XO Cognac

Hennessy XO (meaning extra old) is a premium cognac produced by Hennessy. Hennessy XO is known as the original 'extra-old' cognac starting the category of cognac in 1870. It was first bottled by Maurice Hennessy for family and friends and has now been around for over 150 years. Keeping along with tradition, this cognac is made to be sipped in close intimate moments with friends and loved ones.

The colour is a darker amber and much more complex than Hennessy VS (very special) and the VSOP (very special old pale). You will experience the taste of notes including candied fruit, rich dark chocolate, evanescent oak, black pepper, light leather and smooth vanilla. The finish has a touch of spice and gentle kick of alcohol making it an ideal cigar cognac.

Hennessy X.O originates from the Cognac region of France. It is made from eaux-de-vie (brandy made from fruit other than grapes) carefully selected and aged for a long time,  all grown and harvested in the Cognac region of France. Hennessy XO is aged for 10 years and produced using a specific process that involves distillation and aging in specially selected young oak barrels.

The recommended serve for Hennessy XO is neat, or on the rocks so you can enjoy the result of a time tested traditional aging process. 

Hennessy XO comes with a gift box and stylish decanter which makes it great for celebrations, anniversaries, weddings or as a welcomed gift to a cognac lover.

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