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Clase Azul Plata Tequila, 70cl

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Premium Blanco/Silver Tequila by Clase Azul

Bright, crisp, and fresh. Its artisanal elaboration results in smooth, irresistible notes with a touch of sweetness. The decanter is hand crafted and as beautiful as the liquid it contains.

The colour of Clase Azul Plata is clear, bright with silver highlights. The tequila is light bodied but packed with fresh aromas of orange, lemongrass, and mint. Hints of vanilla, green apple, and green tea.

The taste is exactly what you'd expect from a high quality tequila, complex yet balanced. You'll enjoy notes of Vanilla, lemon, fresh mint, and a hint of  guava.

Clase Azul Tequila Plata is a sublime experience for the senses. Ideal to be enjoyed neat. to enjoy its full flavour.

A great gift for any tequila lover, celebration or for that premium sipping experience at home

Product Details

  • ABV - 40%
  • Size - 700ml
  • Spirit - Tequila
  • Type - Blanco / Silver 
  • Country - Mexico

Non GMO Certified, Positive Luxury Certified & Kosher Certified