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Bumbu Rum Cream Liqueur, 70cl

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A unique rum liqueur, perfect over ice.

Bumbu Rum Cream is a luxurious and smooth rum-based liqueur with a creamy texture and bold flavour. It is made using a blend the Bumbu Original premium rum and a rich but not heavy dairy cream base.

You will be on a journey which includes the taste of natural spices in the original full bodied rum, with the addition of smooth cinnamon, light vanilla, warm chai & creamy coconut. 

To get enjoy the full bodied flavour of this drink we recommend it is served neat over ice, this brings out the cinnamon, chai and vanilla and compliments the rich creamy texture.

Alternatively we recommend trying this rum cream in a hot chocolate, replacing milk to give this warm drink a gentle kick.

With a lower alcohol content than traditional rum, 15% ABV, Bumbu Rum Cream is easy to enjoy Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into your favourite hot drink, this cream liqueur is a great addition to any alcohol library. 

Available online & in our London store.

Contains dairy so may be unsuitable for those who are lactose intolerant