What is white rum & why is it white?

What is white rum?

White rum, also known as light rum or silver rum, is a type of rum that is clear in colour and generally has a more neutral flavour profile compared to darker rums. It is made from molasses or sugarcane juice and is typically aged for a shorter period of time than darker rums.

White rum has its origins in the Caribbean, where it was first produced by colonial powers in the 17th century.

Why is white rum... white?

The clear colour of white rum is a result of the lack of an aging process. The colour of rum comes from aging it in barrels whereas most white rums are not aged at all or aged for a very short period. Because white rum is aged for a shorter period of time, it does not pick up as much colour or flavour from the barrels.

If you're a fan of rum and looking to try something a little lighter, white rum is definitely worth a try. It is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed on its own, over ice, or mixed into a variety of cocktails. Some of the best white rum brands to try include Bacardi, Wray & Nephew, and Sunset Very Strong Rum.

So why wait? Give white rum a try and discover a whole new world of refreshing and flavourful possibilities. Browse our selection of white rum's and discover something new today.



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